Nitro Nation Hack – Get Credits & Gold

Nitro Nation Hack Overview: Exploring the priceless cheats proof

Are you obsessed with the idea of racing car games? If yes, then you have to play Nitro Nation to experience the fun. Well, Nitro Nation is a drag racing game. The drag racers are the ones who fine-tune their car to get the best performance. The Nitro Nation game was developed by Creative Mobile and this game is a true winner when it comes to customization.

What Makes Nitro Nation So Entertaining

You can upgrade every element of your car when you play this game. When you compare Nitro Nation with other games, then they just allow you to upgrade the vehicle.

Well, Nitro Nation gives you a chance to drive the fastest supercar in the world. This game offers about 50+ licensed cars. This includes American Muscle and Hot Hatches. The thrilling aspect of this game is that it gives you the opportunity to challenge millions of players available online.

There is so much you can do when you play the Nitro Nation. You can easily buy your dream car. You can even install the performance upgrades. This game gives you a fair chance to show your racing skills. You can easily participate in ½ and ¼ mile races. You also get the chance to participate in the real-time ten player races.

You can go head to head with your friends also. Now, that you are aware of the fact that this game is a thrilling experience, you might be interested to know the Nitro Nation Hack so that you can enjoy this game more.

Understanding the Game Theme to Interpret Hacks

What you need to know is that Nitro Nation relies on two currencies. Credits can be termed as the basic currency. You can win the credits by completing the events and winning the races. Gold can be termed as the premium currency used in the game. It has to be earned.

Another important aspect is that this game strongly relies on the upgrade kits. Even if you have gold and credit, you will still require an upgrade kit. You will need to use the hacks for weight reduction, transmission upgrade, tire upgrade, Nitrous oxide and Engine upgrade.

You stand a better chance to beat your competitors if your car is upgraded and later on you can challenge tougher competitors.

Exploring the Nitro Nation Hacks That You Must Try

Drive consecutive Driver Battles after every six hours

Let us first explore some hacks to get some quick cash. Well, you can make some quick money when you decide to race two consecutive Driver Battles every six hours. The best part is that you do not need to use your gold for this purpose.

Going for street races

You can even opt for street races. You can easily get access to these races once you are done with the second story mission. The street races match up with a random player, and this has the element of excitement as well. You can easily earn about 100 through these races.

Monitoring the needle of the Speedometer

Do you want to land perfect shifts? If yes, then it is essential that you should keep your eye on the needle of the speedometer. You can also monitor the number gauge. The minute you approach the perfect shifting zone, you will notice that a yellow light starts to blink under the numbers.

The light turns green when you approach the optimal zone. You should make a note of the fact that early shifts can be difficult. The reason is that the speed tends to fluctuate fast at the low gears. This is why you need to be quick to land the perfect shifts.

Earn bonuses by joining appropriate teams

If you are desperately in need of bonuses, then it will be a good idea to join a team. The teams are more of player created groups. The interesting thing about the Nitro Nation teams is that the members get special benefits but most teams have rank requirements.

This means that you have to fit the rank to join a team and the leader can oust the players.

Blueprints can help to specialize your vehicle

Nitro Nation is not just about winning upgrades, and you can also win blueprints from the races. The interesting thing about the blueprints is that they provide bigger boosts in comparison to the normal upgrades. The Blueprints are quite helpful when you need to specialize your car.

You can sell the blueprints as well. They are truly the worth of gold coins

Accelerating gently in the beginning

When you play Nitro Nation, then you have to understand that the beginning boost can be quite tricky to pull off. Even if there is a slight tap, it can skyrocket the speed. This is why it is important that you should time the speed. Ideally, you should wait for the “3” countdown to appear, then you should try to time the acceleration with the countdown.

This way you will be able to time your acceleration in a way that speedometer’s needle is in the middle and this is termed as a perfect start.

Use the coins to buy the premium parts

You can use your coins to purchase the premium parts for the car. If you are worried about losing your coins, then you can use simply the old parts of the car to get new coins.

There are other ways also through which you can earn the coins. You can like Nitro Nation game on Facebook. You can also follow the YouTube account of the game, or you can follow the game on Twitter.

Cheat for getting full fuel

There is a nice cheat to get full fuel also. You first need to select the Nitro Nation online app. Close the app by forced exit or reboot. You should set the time about 3 hours in advance to get the fuel. Open the app again to check for full fuel.

Refreshing to double the cash and making use of the Crew Option

There is another interesting chat you should try out. What you should do is that after you are done with the first three consecutive Driver Battles, you should click Refresh but remember you will have to wait about three hours so that your cash doubles.

The Driver Battle can be considered as a safe choice because you are not going to lose any money.

You can also use your Manager Crew option make more money. Let us say that you decide to participate in the Drivers Battle race, and this race offers a reward of about $1950. The interesting thing is that you can easily double this payout.

When you click the Manager option, you will go for the double price for +3 races. The interesting thing is that the Manager will only count the winning races and you still stand a chance to win at least one race out of the three.

Using Nitro Nation Online Generator to hack gold and cash

Visit the website. When the website opens you type Nitro Nation in the search bar. You need to click the link Nitro Nation Hack Tool! Cheats for Money- No Survey! Surf to the bottom of the page and you will see the Online Hack Button.

A new page will open up on the screen. This is the page for Nitro Nation Online Generator. You have to click the connect button. When are connected you have to click the proceed button. Next, you will see the Credit Amount, Gold Amount and Upgrade Kit’s amount on the screen.

For example, let us assume Credit Amount that displays on the screen is about 25000. The gold amount is about 250, and the amount of the upgrade kit is about 5. You will click the Generate button here.

Once you click Generate, you will be directed to a new page where you will have to click Continue. After that, you have to verify that you are a Human and run two apps for about 30 minutes. Once you have used the apps, you can restart the Nitro Nation Game. Your cash and Gold both will increase. Let us assume that you had a cash of about $100 and Gold is about 10. After you use Nitro Nation Online Generator your cash and gold amount will be as shown in the picture.

Try out the above mentioned Nitro Nation cheats if you wish to excel at the game but remember one key rule. The cheat or tricks to excel in the game should be a secondary step. It is important that you should first explore the game.

It is fine if you are new to the game and lose initially. When you play the game a few times, you will understand the basic perception and then you can opt for the game cheats. You will not be able to utilize the cheats well if you do not have a basic understanding of the game.

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